Dan Fox is my nom de plume.
I write about emotions; I write about love;
I write about life

I ask questions; provoking thoughts of feelings and emotions that touch us all;
Of belonging;
Of motivations that may drive us;
Of fate, karma, faith;
Of love;
Of life.

Nine Lives, a Journey through Life, is my first book, a love story and here in this site you will find the book available both for download as an eBook; or for purchase in either paperback or leather bound editions.

On the Book Order page you will also be able to follow the links to find Reviews written by readers of Nine Lives who have posted reviews on sites such as Amazon, Book Rabbit, Waterstones etc.

Also in this site you will find a summary of the book under the tab ‘Nine Lives’ which carries explanations behind some of the writing – but I suggest not to read this commentary until after you have first finished reading the book so not to spoil the story.

You are also invited to give your comments either by visiting the Dan Fox Author Facebook page or by email to dan@danfox.ch

You will also find a selection of some of the images from the book under the tab ‘Photos’ which also links to the associated www.view-finder.ch website with many more beautiful images available to view or purchase.